Diaphragm Calls

Cane Creek Small Talk Mouth Call

A double reed, double split call that is very easy to blow. Use for soft yelps, clucks, purrs and ...


Cane Creek Cane Cutter Mouth Call

A triple reed call with a "V" split. This call is very raspy. Use for cutts, cackles, yelps and c...


Cane Creek Lost Poult Mouth Call

It took 4 years to get it right. A call with high pitched Kee Kees followed by perfect yelps. It ...


Cane Creek Mr. Death Mouth Call

A four reed call with a split-V for fantastic cutts, cackles, clucks, raspy yelps and assembly call...


Cane Creek Calls Tuff Man Call

A "V" cut call with top reed of heavy green latex and medium latex on bottom reeds with green cloth...