Turkey Calls

Box Call Chalk

1" x 4" Sticks, Brown Color. Contains no waxes or oils.


Cane Creek Calls Box Call

This is a double-sided box call handcrafted of choice yellow poplar and cherry. These calls are tu...


Cane Creek Calls Super Tune 2000 Slate Call

Designed to be very durable and user friendly. Double note yelps, high cutts and cackles with soft...


Cane Creek Calls Tuff Man Call

A "V" cut call with top reed of heavy green latex and medium latex on bottom reeds with green cloth...


Cane Creek Cane Cutter Mouth Call

A triple reed call with a "V" split. This call is very raspy. Use for cutts, cackles, yelps and c...


Cane Creek Lost Poult Mouth Call

It took 4 years to get it right. A call with high pitched Kee Kees followed by perfect yelps. It ...


Cane Creek Mr. Death Mouth Call

A four reed call with a split-V for fantastic cutts, cackles, clucks, raspy yelps and assembly call...


Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call 101F

Compact, single-sided call. Lid is set on a fixed pivot making one side an automatic stop. Makes ...


Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call 102F

Two-sided box call reproduces quality hen sounds on 1 side and gobbler sounds on the other. Hand-t...


Power Owl Locator Call

Improved design creates louder tones. Uses less air; minimal effort is required to produce realist...