Abu Garcia 2019 Carpmaster

4 Stainless Steel bearings. Weight: 14.1oz. Gear Ratio: 6.3:1. Holds 190yds. of 17lb. line. Line ou...


Abu Garcia Black Edition Pro Rocket

5 Bearings. Weight 11.4 oz. Gear Ratio: 5.3:1. Holds 275yds. of 14lb. line. On/Off click alarm. 6-p...


Accu Sharp Knife Sharpener

Diamond honed tungsten carbide sharpening blades always cut at the precise 21 degree angle that mak...


Accusharp SharpNEasy

Handy, pocket size knife sharpener. One side with coarse rods and one side with fine rods.



Freeze-dried bread for making carp dough.


Carp Tote

Carp tote designed to carry your carp to the scales. Made of molded plastic with two carry handles....


Cigar Float

Cigar shaped weighted float eliminates the need for a sinker when fishing top water. Available in 2...


Corn Pops

These sweetened corn pops are a favorite bait of carp fishermen.


Corn Puffs

These unsweetened corn puffs are a favorite of carp fishermen everywhere. 6oz bag. Not for human ...


Eagle Claw Double Leader Hook 6pk

Eagle Claw double leader snelled hook. A classic hook used for generations for all types of fishin...


Eagle Claw Short Leader Hooks

Eagle Claw short leader hooks. The Eagle Claw LO42 hooks is the good ole stand-by for big fish. Laz...


Eagle Claw Wide Bend Hook 100pk

Eagle Claw lazer sharp wide bend hook. A favorite of carp fishermen. Various sizes available. 10...